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Welcome to Extreme Bus Builders L.L.C.
  If you are ready to update the look of your Bus but are worried about your pocket book , contact Extreme Bus Conversions. We have the tools, craftsmanship and adjective to get the job done, at a price you can afford, Most limo bus builders charge 15-20K but we know most people just getting into the business are working on a tight budget.

 We are located in Lawrence, Kansas.  We are a small company that take a lot of pride in what we do, our old school values, Great service, Low prices, and Support before and after our services is what keeps people coming back!!

At Extreme Bus Builders we Specialize in doing conversions in your existing Shuttle bus, School bus, RV/campers, turning enclosed trailers into toy haulers or custom mobile office, below will be a basic break down of what is available but if you can think of it we can build your vision at a price that wont break the bank!! Most Basic conversion on a short bus start at just $7K that includes seating, custom lighting, stereo system and custom floor... call at 785 393 5848

Party bus / Limo bus conversions

This is our main bread and butter, and by far the most requested, we can make you an all out party mobile, or VIP lounge on wheels, to basic seating to Extreme curvy,wrap around seating, we can do it, package includes lighting, stereo, wood flooring,and stereo, so you can start making money with or enjoy tailgating whatever you need we can do most build in 3 weeks! I keep a template of all the builds and we are able to resurrect a design very efficiently, we offer wood structures or steel square stock as structures for additional charge.

I also offer Front and rear conversion to a mercedes as well as other styles, including paint to update that look on your bus!! see some pics for examples

Tour Bus and RV Conversion  (see pics on luxury build page"

Most people cant afford 100K tour bus especially if your just a small band that do a few gigs a month, What we can do is build a mini tour bus out of shuttle buses or any chassis you may have, we can do bunk bed style sleeping area, dinning area, and seating, as well as adding lighting and music so it can be a multi purpose travel rig and since its all custom built everything will flow together and match, will look like you spent 10 times of what you actually did,

Mobile Offices

One of the largest expense in any business is overhead, Plenty of folks out there have skills or trade that you do to either to make money on the side or full time, what we can do is custom tailor a mobile business on wheels like mobile tattoo shop, barber shop, tanning salon, consulting or therapy rooms, or even a mobile strip club on wheels to Kids play room on wheels to rent out at kids birthday parties ect, the sky is the limit call us! @ 785-393-5848

NEW Feature!!!Party bus to GO!(please read below)

Since the inside of most buses are basically a rectangle and there is only differences in length and width and wheel wells, spacing and things, By experience I can design, build and ship to you on a Pallet and you can bolt it in and and finish thing out yourself! this is most economical for folks that live to far away and they know how to do certain things like the audio and floors for example you can do what you can and save you some money and still have custom seating for that WOW factor, if seating is all you need I can Deliver the Wow in your party bus! call for details, for a super custom fit, after you received the seating, we can add custom armrest, bars with built in coolers to fit exactly in your bus to fill in any gaps between the seating if there is a wheel well or something in the way, I have this art down to a science so there is no obstacle I can't work around....

Be careful of fly by night companies that say they can do the job your expecting. this is what we do all day, everyday, I have noticed a couple websites stealing our pictures and clamming it to be theirs, everything you see on this website is our work we do in house. if you see any of my pictures anywhere else  please let me know they are stealing our pics, and most likely if you fall for cheap imitation then you WILL be disapointed.  There is only one Extreme Bus Builders. BEWARE OF Imitations 

If there is any questions Please don't hesitate to call me or email at Le@ExtremeBusBuilders.com

Please check out the other pages for videos and slide shows, there is lots of pictures to see and more posted as we get time, thanks

Also most of our builds consists of builds that have a tight budget, but we also do Luxurious build that are far more advance and more detailed for the customer that want the EXTREME build we can accommodate that also, there are a few Luxury builds in progress now and will be posting soon as they are complete, I wanted to note this because most of the slide shows pics are of budget friendly builds and I wanted to be sure all our future clients know the sky is the limit as long as your check book can keep up. thanks

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