Extreme Bus Builders LLC - food truck builder, limo bus, sprinter van, mobile business
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IMG 5845905930963933photo 2photo 1IMG 1939IMG 1940IMG 1937DSC 0167DSC 0138DSC 0174DSC 0168DSC 0169DSC 0112DSC 0009DSC 0001We offer seat packages that are ready for you to install. Having done so many builds we know how to custom fit your seats once we have the dimensions. We can do full wrap around seating either delivered or picked up. There are too many configurations and variables to give a flat price, but for a basic setup, like what's pictured below, it would cost you 3500 and will seat 15-20 people. We can do light up seats with fiber optics in them, as well as light up seat bases , we can also make matching bars, trash bins, window borders, ect. We basically offer a party bus package ready for you to simply install while you save thousands of dollars. I prefer you pick it up in a trailer but we can ship everything on a pallet to you just as well, please call me (785 393 5848) for an estimate or please email me  exterior and interior pictures of your bus, what seating you had in mind, as well as your budget you intend to spend.

Please be advised that the best results are guaranteed when the bus is here, but for those who are too far away or on a tight budget delivery is th next best option. We are producing these kits as fast as we can, if you want a special color combo or design it will add to the time to make them, but we try to stock full kits ready to ship. We have 2 types of kits, one ready to bolt in, or one that requires a little assembly.
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